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Wednesday 27, Sep 2023 
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teaching staff

The teaching staff ratio to pupils/students is maintained at 1:10 for kindergarten and 1:25 for both primary and secondary schools

Our kindergarten, primary and secondary school management teams comprise of school heads, deputies, directors of studies, subject heads and class teachers who are responsible for the implementation of the strategic vision of the project through their operations, marketing and finance functions.

Supportive functions such as marketing, finance, human resource, catering, maintenance and security form separate departments to ensure the proper running of the facility.

CeLL boasts of a total number of 23 teachers who are qualified to handle children with dyslexics and other special needs children. They regularly receive refresher training to build their capacity to handle such children.

In a bid to uphold best practices and high quality standards, CeLL is guided by the following standard metrics with regard to staffing:

  • a teacher pupil ratio of 1:10 for the kindergarten level
  • a teacher pupil ratio of 1:25 for the primary and post primary levels
  • a teacher discipline ratio of 1:2

CeLL school organisation chart