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Wednesday 27, Sep 2023 
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specific objectives

To achieve our vision and mission, CeLL strategically focuses on six specific objectives in its operations.

The six objectives are:

  • To construct and manage educational institutions comprising of pre-primary, primary, post-primary and polytechnic.
  • To mobilize and utilize resources (human and financial) for the efficient management of its resources.
  • To network with different organizations, institutions and professional bodies for quality assurance of CeLL services and facilities.
  • To act as a referral point for persons with dyslexia and other related difficulties.
  • To conduct research and implement innovative practices aiming at better services for children and adults with emphasis on those with dyslexia and related learning difficulties.
  • To provide appropriate technology, facilities and skills to empower persons with dyslexia and related difficulties physically, socially, educationally and economically.

income sources

CeLL, over the years, has struggled financially to finance and sustain its programmes through various income sources. Our multi-faceted approach to raising funds has helped us greatly to register some tangible results.

Financing of CeLL projects and programmes has been mainly generated from the following sources:

  • Promoters' equity contribution
  • capital call
  • Sale of the pilot facility - land and premises of Mukono Integrated Day & Boarding Primary School
  • Fees from pupil / student enrollments
  • Sourcing loans from local and international financial institutions
  • Fundraising drives, donations and contributions (both in cash and in kind) from local and international well wishers