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Wednesday 27, Sep 2023 
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School history - where we came from

CeLL was incorporated on the 2nd day of April 2007 with the core objective of providing

custom-tailored instruction to dyslexic children in particular and special needs students in general from preparatory classes to higher educational levels.

CeLL has its origins in a pilot education venture established in February 1999. One of the promoters, Mr. Eria Paul Njuki was part of a team of professionals with an interest in monitoring the inclusion of pupils with special needs, including those with dyslexia in primary and secondary schools since the implementation of Universal Primary Education (UPE) in 1997.

With the knowledge and insights obtained from this experience, he set up a school to offer specialized teaching and training for pupils with dyslexia and related language difficulties that seemed vulnerable to dropping out of school. The school was licensed by the Ministry of education and Sports under the names 'Mukono Integrated Day & Boarding Primary School' with an initial enrollment of two pupils.

By the end of 2008, the school had a total enrollment of 55 pupils in the pre-primary and primary sections.

In 2007, the project acquired 18 acres of land at Kyabalamba village in Kakiri where new facilities were constructed. On this land we were able to expand our programmes. We ventured into a holistic life-long educational programmes for learners with dyslexia right from preparatory classes to secondary school level. We intend to establish a polytechnic in the near future.

This growth is attributed to the pilot's success in demonstrating a learning model. At the outset, the school sought to achieve the following objectives:

  • experimenting on inclusive education with emphasis on children with language-based difficulties particularly dyslexia
  • serving as an education center of excellence for Ugandan children with language-based impairment
  • becoming a demonstration centre for ordinary school teachers pursuing special needs education related courses
  • acting as an advisory and support centre for parents and teachers of learners with special needs especially those with language-based difficulties.

CeLL has registered a number of successes beyond growth in enrollment. These include:

  • one child is in China on an Information Technology graduate course, three are in Kyambogo University and one in Nairobi University pursing undergraduate courses in exterior design, social sciences and community development. Many others are pursuing higher education in various tertiary institutions.
  • enabling 15 children to join secondary school, who would have otherwise dropped out at primary school level
  • creation of awareness to the Ugandan community about the potential that the dyslexics have if provided with special learning environments.

    Consequently, this has greatly contributed to policy reforms at the ministry of Education and Sports. Such reforms have included provision of special examination concessions in favour of pupils and students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB).